Warning: PS4 Emulator Scam (PCSX4)

Everyone that is interested in online gaming has probably seen it before; gaming emulators. These applications let you run popular gaming consoles on your PC or Android phone. Sadly, some of these emulators are fake and purely made to generate an income for the creator. A good example is PCSX4, which they claim is a ‘working’ PS4 Emulator. The only real emulator that currently exists is called Orbital, even though it cannot even run games yet.

Testing Playstation 4 emulators

Currently, there are only a few ps4 emulators for PC and/or Android on the market. We will be testing the PCSX4, which has been claimed to be a scam according to multiple sources, and Orbital.

Testing PCSX4

The PCSX4 is being called a fake Playstation 4 emulator, as we have read on Reddit and multiple other social media platforms. Today, we will be testing this emulator. This will include the steps we are taking including pictures of our actions.

Taking a look at their website

At first glance, this PS4 emulators’ website looks extremely professional. The homepage contains some text, an image and a good call-to-action button to download the emulator.

What surprised me was how far the owner of PCSX4 goes to try and scam their visitors. They have fake images, frequently asked questions and even video guides with impressive editing on how to install the emulator.

ps4 emulator last updated

The only thing that I could spot which looks absolutely fake is their GitHub repository. Their repositories haven’t been updated in over a month, while the homepage shows that the latest update was today. Sounds very strange if you ask me.

Downloading their software

It got interesting real quick after I took an attempt at downloading their PS4 emulator. After I pressed the download button located on their homepage it asked me if I wanted to download for Windows or macOS. Here it also shows that the emulator was last updated today, which is not the case if we take a look at their GitHub. They most likely just use an easy PHP-function to display today’s date, another trick to improve their conversions.

downloading pcsx4

What happened next did not surprise me at all; the good-old survey scam, also called ‘human verification’. The website will ask you to perform a quick human verification. Meanwhile, for every survey being filled out the website owner will receive a sum of money. This depends on the country but on average it will be $1-$2.

Knowing it’s a scam, I still wanted to know what happens after a survey has been completed. I clicked on the Red Bull giveaway offer and it asked me a lot of random questions such as ‘who is your current ISP’, which has nothing to do with ‘Red Bull’. 

After completing the whole survey, which took about four minutes, nothing happened on the ps4 emulator website as I already expected. It just tries to get the users to fill out another survey.

PCSX4 Conclusion

After trying to download this ps4 emulator on my PC I can say it is a scam, even though they provide screenshots and videos that make this software look legit. The survey method has been used very often and is a big red flag. Also, the GitHub repository is what gave a red flag, next to the reviews I have read on other social media platforms.

Orbital (PS4 emulator)

Orbital is an experimental PlayStation 4 emulator, according to their official GitHub repository. It is actually possible to clone their repository and build the emulator. The only downside is that this emulator is not able to run any games yet.

According to their official website, it will be possible to play games on the emulator in 2049. I am not completely sure if that is a joke or that it will happen earlier, but this one is not a scam. On their GitHub, it is also possible to see what commits are being made by AlexAltea, which looks like the main developer of Orbital.

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