11 Legit Websites to Watch Online Movies for Free

In this busy world, where everyone is working hard every day in their lives, the need for entertainment and relaxation has increased. We need a break, but we don’t have enough time or money to plan vacations or to go out for a day, such as going to the cinema to watch a movie.

A good way to relax is to watch a movie or follow a good series. However, it often costs money to watch movies or series online. We will show you several ways to watch movies online for free.

List of best websites to watch free movies online

So today we are going to talk about the best websites and apps to watch movies for free. If you scroll down a bit, we will display a top eleven of the websites that we have tested for you. A couple of variables we’ve taken under consideration were subtitle availability, download speed, and device compatibility.

Popcorn Time – Completely free (Also for mobile)

popcorn timeVia Popcorn Time you can watch every movie or series/TV-shows as often as you want. All you need to get started with this software is a good internet connection.

The variety of movies on Popcorn Time is very large since it works with torrents, so always use a secure VPN. When a new release comes out, Popcorn Time is usually one of the first to have the movie in its catalog. Another big advantage of this software is that it contains English subtitles for most films.

A small drawback to this possibility is that it is not easy to use via a website, because you have to download the app on one of your devices. The operating systems that Popcorn Time is compatible with are Windows, Android, iOS & Linux. We wouldn’t be surprised if it is available for consoles like the PlayStation as well.

With Popcorn Time it is even possible to stream movies for free without WiFi. When a movie is fully loaded, you can close your laptop and play the movie, for example on the plane or on the train on the way to work.

YoMovies – Watch movies via website

The second from this list of websites to watch movies for free is YoMovies. Almost all movies, including new ones, can be found on this website shortly after they were released.

With this website, it is also possible to search more advanced compared to the ones above. For example, you can search for films that are in the top lists on IMDb. Besides, they also have an extremely wide range. This means that for everyone, there is a nice movie.

Make sure that you have an AdBlocker on, otherwise you will get a huge amount of pop-ups and we are not waiting for that, of course.


We’ve placed Crackle in this list at number three because it is a direct partner of Sony Pictures, which offers free movies with high-quality subtitles.

When watching a movie through this website, you get the feeling that you are in a theater because of the great quality. You will have to wait a few times during your movie because of the advertisements being played, they still have to pay their website costs somehow.

sony crackle - watch movies for free online

This website is only not available for some countries, so you will need a VPN for this. We tested it ourselves and with a United States IP address it works fine.

YouTube – Watch free & paid movies

The fourth on the list is YouTube, the largest video platform on earth. You have probably seen funny movies or movie trailers on this website, but nowadays much more is possible.

It has recently become possible to stream movies for free on the YouTube movies channel. All videos that can be found on that channel contain the HD option, allowing you to stream in the best possible quality.

Please note: not all series on this platform can be viewed for free. There are also movies for which they charge a few euros, but for a new release, this is still a good deal.

HD Online

This website contains a huge range of TV series and free movies with subtitles. Via this website it is possible to stream infinitely without seeing advertisements, HD-Online is completely non-profit and will not bother you with anything.

Another advantage is that it is not necessary to create an account. You can easily visit their website to immediately start streaming.


This streaming website, not to be confused with the aforementioned Popcorn Time, is fairly similar to the HDOnline mentioned above. It contains no ads, no sign-up process, but a slightly smaller offer than the previous one.

This website to watch free movies contains all the categories you can think of, from comedy to horror and from science fiction to drama. All you have to do here is visit the website, click on a category and start your favorite movie or series.


Hotstar is another good website on the list to watch TV shows, movies, and even the news. However, for some people, it is necessary to visit this website via a VPN connection, because it is not immediately available in some countries due to GDPR-regulations.

This website contains a large number of films and series that can be viewed online for free, but if you want to stream the latest releases you can upgrade to a paid membership of just a few euros per month. Here it is also possible to download movies so that you can watch them behind without the internet.


This website is not high on the list but still deserves a place in this on eleven sites to watch free movies, even though it looks rather old. It contains a large selection and numerous categories.

Through this website, you can search by browsing through categories, or you can equally find the movie you want to view by filling in the form. A nice fact about Retrovision is that it is already very old, hence the old website. However, this will not be noticeable in the quality with which you can watch free movies and series online, and even with subtitles.


This platform is still a major player in the streaming industry. Within their platform, you can watch almost all films and series that exist for free without downloading them. It contains more than 12,000 movies, including the categories Classic, Documentary, and Comedy, so a lot.

When you visit their homepage, you will find that it is similar to the appearance of Crackle because of the same theme and the color orange. However, this will not be long, since Viewster is currently updating and relocating their website. However, the quality of the film may differ depending on the country in which you live.

Tubi TV

Since there are so many websites to watch movies and series online for free, it was difficult to determine the tenth place, because there are too many alternatives.

We have placed Tubi TV in tenth place, even though it is not possible at the time of writing to visit the website via a Dutch IP address. This is due to their huge range and easy-to-use website. In addition, this website also contains unique filters, such as searching for newcomers, Rotten Tomatoes rating and many others.


Putlocker is one of the most interesting websites on this list. This video streaming website changes URL very often, and there are many different variations.


It has a huge selection and includes all categories such as Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy and many others. However, it is very difficult to link to the Putlocker website because it changes domain names so often. That is why you will have to search for Putlocker on Google yourself, it is often the first link where you can watch free movies.

Conclusion about websites for free movie streaming

As you can see it is possible in many ways to watch free movies & series online with Dutch subtitles. There are many more such websites, but many are scams. When you click on a movie they will ask you to log in, but after logging in they will ask you to join their website for a certain amount. Do not do this, as it is completely free via the websites I have shown above.

In addition, we have often spoken in the article about a secure VPN. While streaming films and series, it is extremely important to remain anonymous, which is why we recommend purchasing NordVPN. The price is only a few euros per month; cheaper than Netflix and with this, the range of your movies and series is many times greater.

If you have any questions, or if you see a website in the list that no longer works, let me know via a comment on this article.