4 Methods for Viewing a Private Instagram Profile

Social media has completely changed the way we perceive things. It is where you meet people virtually from all over the world. Social media has bridged geographical gaps, which is very impressive. The other thing is that some serious and important relationships have been created over social media. It is, therefore, true to say that social media is an important part of life which is why people are interested in viewing private Instagram profiles for various reasons.

You may like someone a lot. Sometimes it is a new friend or a crush. In this social media era, people love capturing videos and pictures to engage followers and friends even more. The best place to share pictures and videos is Instagram.

About Instagram

This social platform is a famous one and it has millions of active users who post some spectacular photos. However, some accounts are private and become hard to view photos. Some add privacy settings to their accounts to limit the number of people who can view the photos. It may be very frustrating, especially when you want to view photos because they are important to you in one way or the other.

Instagram has become a favorite for many people.  Some accounts on Instagram are public, meaning that anyone can see the contents and engage. It makes it so easy to find someone and see whatever they post. Private accounts have strict settings and only a limited number of followers can see what the owner posts.

instagram on phone

If you want to view pictures in a private account, some solutions can work out for you. Below are some of the best methods to apply if you want to view a private account.

Instagram is one of the most popular networks online today. There are millions of users making use of the platform today. It is a site that is based on content sharing and it can be considered as a private option.

One of the most important things about social media is the privacy of content. It is natural to want to be safe, especially when you are sharing personal videos and pictures. It is for this reason that most people end up creating private Instagram accounts.

Also, it is for this reason that Instagram was created with security measures in place. Instagram assures the safety of its users in many different ways. When you set security as private, you have the option to choose your audience. This means that the people who follow you can access the content therein. You get to choose who follows you so, essentially; you are choosing who can view your content and who cannot. This gives you control over what you share with the audience.

Also, there is an option where you can select the people who get to view the content in the first place. You can do this manually or as a list. When this is done, you can share your post. This limits the number of people who can access any content that you post. If any follower misbehaves or acts in a way that you do not approve, you have the option to block them from accessing your platform altogether.

People who can view your profile

Sometimes we are concerned about the privacy of the content that we share on Instagram. However, sometimes tracking what another person is doing to ensure that your privacy is not being intruded upon is a completely different thing. Without your approval, one cannot see your profile.

Some profiles have been created to allow you to view and Access private Instagram. However, it is not that easy to break the security of the social media giant.

Even though we have heard of hacking Instagram accounts, most cases are mere speculations and they lack enough proof. Therefore, it may be unlikely that simple tools and apps can bypass the security of the content already shared on the platform.

With that said, it is better to trust the security systems that the founders invested in to guarantee content safety.

Many options can be used for privacy protection and it may not be likely that a person can spend too much time trying to find the best way to breach your security. It is, however, important that backdoor exists in essentially every system. What you realize is that big companies employ experts to do reverse engineering and try to find weak points where they can exploit the systems.

Setting a private profile

The choice of setting a private profile all depends on the main thing that you want to achieve using your Instagram page. There are different advantages and disadvantages to both options.

If you are setting up an account for purposes of a business, then it makes more sense to have a public profile. This will allow more people to view your business page and follow you easily. You will get a huge following by this.

private instagram profileIt is important to have the brand recognized and come up with connections, especially when you are marketing. In this case, the profile needs to be public. Remember that there are millions of active users on the platform.

Viewing private profiles

There are a couple of ways that can work when you want to view someone’s private page.  Below are the most popular methods that we have found and tested here at GuideStorm.

Ask the person directly

ask-the-person-for-the-followThis is one of the easiest and hassle-free methods of viewing a private profile. Just ask the person even if you have a serious crush on them. Reach out to that person using the most basic steps. It may work out for you.

You can do this by sending them a private message or a request to follow. This other person receives a notification and then she or he can decide whether to accept or not.

There is also an option of sending that person a private message so that you can make an expression of all those inner feelings that you may be holding back.

You may realize that the person has no issue with you viewing their pictures and you may strike a genuine friendship. You may find that the person may actually accept the request and even follow you.

It is best to be as genuine as possible. If the request is rejected, then there may be no point in pursuing the idea any further.

Create a fake profile to trick the victim

When you want to view a private Instagram account, this is another option that you may want to consider. You may create a fake account. However, this is unethical to some level, but it may work. You can create an account by following all the steps that have been set by Instagram.

It makes more sense to create an account that will come across as genuine to increase the chances of you being accepted by the person that you are targeting. You can also consider making the account private so that one becomes curious and approve the request faster.

You may also consider sending out a private message to the person after sending the request.

Spying through a friend

If you have a good connection with a mutual friend, you could ask him or her to show you the private Instagram account. This is a good way to view their profile since it’s completely anonymous unless the person that shows you the account tells on you.

By using this method you can easily take a look at their photo’s and video’s, as well as the people they are following and getting followed by.

Apps that allow you to view someone’s account

This is the other way that you may consider. It is a risky way but it may be worth it if you find a genuine tool. It is risky, but you do not need to follow the person on Instagram. There are many Instagram profile viewers available online that you may consider.

When you are choosing a tool, be extra careful because it is a very risky thing. Many bad sites may be out to get personal data.

We all want a genuine way to access Instagram private profile viewer without surveys. There are tools that claim to give you the best results online. It is always important to find out as much as possible about a tool before you decide to use it.

Using tools to view private profiles

You may be trying to figure out the best way to see a private Instagram profile and you may have come across some apps that promise to do this in a matter of minutes. You may have some valid reasons as to why you want to view that private profile. Please note that it is hard to find Instagram private profile viewer no survey. There are some apps that claim that you can see the content in the locked profile without any survey. It is a risky situation and there is no telling whether such tools work or not. If you are willing to take the risk, then you can try out some of the tools that are available today.


The issue with the apps is that most of the apps need you to conduct a survey or make a download. There is a list of online services that you may be required to complete before you can view the cracked account.

There are yet others that need you to add details of your account or phone number to access the details. Once you have completed one of the offers that have been given, the apps allegedly allow you to access the private profile that you had targeted. There is no confirmation of whether the apps do work or not. This means that anyone who attempts to use them does so at their own risk.

Depending on why you want to view a profile in the first place, you may use a tool. Some of the Private Instagram photo viewers to consider include:


This application is free and it allows you to see private Instagram profiles within a minute or so. You only need the username of the target person and you are good to go. This is a tool that can be used even if you do not own an Instagram account.

Insta spy

insta profile spy

It has many similarities to other tools. It is quite safe and easy to use and you can check out all Private Instagram viewers no survey. All you need is to enter a username and you can access the profile you desire.

View Private Photos

This is another private Instagram viewer app that is quite popular and it is made for viewing Instagram photos. You need the person’s user name and then click view profile.


This allows you to look at private Instagram accounts. For it to work, it is necessary to enter the URL of the profile and then click. Just like the others; it is a private Instagram benefits but has no benefits over the other websites shown.

Private Insta Viewer

This is also another very easy to use option. You need to access the tool page and enter the username of the target. Confirm details to ensure that he/she is the person you are targeting. You can then choose the things that you want to view and allow the tool to work. The profile and picture can be viewed once the verification is complete.

Private Insta

This is one of the private profile viewers that are available online and they may be the solution that you are looking for. You get the chance to view videos and photos without giving or getting approvals. You need to enter your username and then submit and you are good to go.

If you want to view Instagram profiles without filling out surveys then you have to dig deeper.

Guidance for parents

In modern society, parenthood has become hard. It is for this reason that parents have become so protective of children. There is inappropriate content all over the internet and Instagram is not an exception. It is therefore normal to want to know how safe the children are on social media and what they are sharing.

Some parents look for tools to see private Instagram profiles on Instagram with the intention of knowing whether they are safe and whether they are using the internet in a responsible way.

It is important to guide children from an early stage to allow them to bond with you even as they grow older. In as much as you cannot control them as they get older, you can guide and direct them to be better adults. You may also restrict them from joining Instagram and other social platforms until they are old enough to be responsible for their actions.

If you do opt to use tools, then you do so at your own risk. Such tools are often banned once they are discovered.

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