8 Methods For Free Robux Codes (No Generator)

free robuxPlaying games on Roblox will not be the thrilling experience it is when you don’t have Robux, the official currency on the gaming platform. Without this digital money, surviving on Roblox is almost impossible.

But getting free Robux online is easier said than done. You need to accomplish a lot of tasks and achievements. If you have been searching for free Robux online you must have come across Robux-generator sites. Many of these websites are fake and are only there to rob you of your hard-earned money and waste your time.

There is no doubt that there are legitimate sites where you can make free Robux online. But the fake websites outnumber them by far.

In this post, we have taken out the guesswork. Here are solid ways you can get free Robux that can be used on Roblox.

Getting free Robux from official channels

It is surprising when you see many users looking for ways to earn free Robux and not checking out the official channel. Many don’t know that there are ways to earn Robux on Roblox without paying for it. Below are ways you can earn Robux on Roblox if you don’t want to purchase directly.

Using Promo Codes

A great number of online businesses, small and big, do share discount or promo codes to reward both new and established members on their websites. On Roblox, this is no different.

Staff and admins of Roblox issue promo codes regularly which can be used in-house to purchase items. This is to make the experience worthwhile for their teeming fans. Roblox promo codes are earned when you participate in official events and giveaways. You can also earn promotional codes from Roblox contests and holiday specials. Check out this page for more information on this.

You can also get access to Roblox promo codes on some Facebook groups specifically created for Roblox users. But you need to be fast since the number of people looking for this is high. If you want to go this route, please do your due diligence as not all of these groups are trustworthy.

Also, note that these promo codes don’t last forever. Many will only work for a couple of months after release.

Join the Builders Club

To take your time on Roblox to the next level, you will need to join the Builders Club (BC). You can join for free but it is when you become a paid member that you start enjoying some awesome privileges.

First, you receive daily a specific amount of Robux based on your paid membership level. There are three levels – Classic, Turbo, and Outrageous. But joining the BC is more than receiving a daily dosage of Robux, you can make shirts and pants which you can use to customize your avatar. You can join more Roblox groups than free members and can create your groups.

Even when a paid BC member purchases Robux, he or she gets much more bonus of extra Robux than a free member. You can sell stuff and clothing.

roblox builders club

It is through trading in the Builders Club that many Roblox users make a good amount of Robux. Collectibles are top on the list of fast-selling items in Roblox. And if you are creative enough, you only need to sit back and watch your hoard of Robux grow.

So, joining the Builders Club is a legitimate and sure way to make extra free Robux by the side daily.

Use our in-house Robux code generator

Our code generator has been developed to create free Robux codes by the click of a button. After clicking on the button below, a code will appear. Keep in mind that these codes are not guaranteed to work, as there are no generators that are capable of that. We just generate a random code in the pattern that’s on the back of a Roblox gift card, nothing else.

Get Robux codes through a platform

For every type of game resource, there is a platform dedicated to providing you them in return for small tasks. These platforms are called get-paid-to websites, which you might’ve read more about already on other posts of our website.

RobuxMania – Dedicated to letting you earn free Robux

robuxmaniaThere are hundreds of fraudulent sites and apps promising you free Robux but that is set up to make you work for nothing or steal your data. That doesn’t mean there are no legit websites where you can earn free Robux by completing one or two tasks. One of the legitimate sites we’ve tested is RobuxMania.

RobuxMania is one of those websites that rewards you when you do certain tasks on their website, also known as get-paid-to websites. On RobuxMania, you are given 1000 Robux when you have 1000 points on the website. One way we know that this website is a legit site is they don’t ask for your Roblox login details like some fake Robux generators. They only require you to input your username after which they give you 5 Robux as a bonus. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


RBX.Tools is another online website that lets you earn free Robux by doing some simple offers on your phone, laptop or PC.

As their website says, you just need to log in with your Roblox username, go to the earn-page, do some easy offers and withdraw it.

We went to the work and we’ve tested it, following this order:

  • As the page has many offer walls, we chose the first one and decided to do a couple of short surveys that gave us around 80 Robux for 5 min of work.
  • We selected another offer and decided to let the computer watch videos automatically for free Robux every 3 min. An easy way that I recommend.

After doing this we just went to the withdraw page and decided to withdraw our precious Robux. We followed the instructions that they have on their page and successfully withdrew 153 Robux.


So far, you must have gotten the idea that nothing goes for nothing when it comes to free Robux. You have to do certain tasks to earn Robux. But while the fake Robux generators and sites online make you do heavy tasks, for nothing or for so little, the legitimate websites reviewed here give you what they promise. If you want more, you do more.

rixtyAnother surefire way to earn Robux online for free is by using Rixty. When it comes to Reward Points platforms, it’s only a few brands that compete with Rixty. You can earn scores of reward points by doing simple tasks like playing games.

One good thing about Rixty Codes is that you can earn them from different rewards platforms e.g. Swagbucks. Earning Rixty codes on Swagbucks is as easy as signing up for newsletters, taking surveys and downloading apps. If those are things you regularly do for free, then start to do them to earn Rixty codes which you can convert to free Robux codes.

Mind you, Rixty codes are not only for earning Robux, but they can also be traded for perks on many games and apps platforms. The last time we checked, Rixty games codes can be used on Crossfire, World of Tanks, Warframe, CSGO and some of the most popular names in online gaming.

Converting Rixty codes to Robux is as easy as pie. You can redeem the raw Rixty codes and order for Robux or link your Rixty account to your Roblox account and then use your Rixty balance to purchase all the Robux you want.


Another legit get-paid-to website where you can earn free Robux is RobuxHunter. Here, the points you make by completing tasks can be exchanged for a Roblox gift card code. This enables you to purchase stuff on Roblox including Robux or even membership of the Builders Club, which is another way to earn free Robux daily! What we love about RobuxHunter is that they provide discounts when you are redeeming higher points. While a gift card of $10 in value will require 1000 points, you only need 1500 points for a Roblox gift card of $20. Sounds like an awesome deal if you ask us!


With over 15 million active members, PointsPrizes is a reward points platform with a difference. On this platform, jobs you can do to earn points are unlimited. There’s no way you will lack tasks to do, especially if you’re from first world countries e.g. the USA. They have a wide range of tasks from watching video ads, answering surveys and playing games, just choose whichever appeals to you.

This platform makes life easy for its users by providing a world-class dashboard to monitor your progress. You can even use the dashboard to formulate strategies on how best to go about your tasks.

One reason we love PointsPrizes as a rewards points platform is the availability of a wide range of prizes you can claim with the points you earn on the platform. The last time we checked it was over 40 gift cards rewards, some of which can be redeemed for free Robux, as well as free cash payments.

And when you are in no mood to complete offers, just refer family and friends and you will still reach your points goal.

Making enough points to exchange for your favorite gift cards will not take forever on PointsPrizes. Working on some of the easier offers may give you the points to get a free code in an hour or two.

Using a free Robux gift card code

Redeeming gift cards is a great way to get free Robux, but not everyone has money to spend a couple of dollars on a gift code. Here are some ways to get free Robux codes for both Android and iOS phones.

Google Play

With millions of people using it at any point in time, the Google Play Store is the number one app store in the world. How do you use this Google-controlled platform to generate free Robux?

google play gift card

For many Android users, the Play Store is the main avenue to get their favorite mobile applications, latest movies and TV shows, chart-topping music and breaking news. Due to this, many service providers and businesses periodically give out free Google Play codes to their users to use as payment for premium contents on the Play Store. These codes are not meant to be used only on the Play Store, they are redeemable in a host of other sites. They can be used to redeem points in many popular games online and you can use them to get Robux for free.

App Store

If you don’t own an Android device and you still want to find a way to earn free Robux through your mobile gadget, you can consider using the iTunes Store. The catch? You must have an iOS device.

iTunes Store credits give users purchasing access to Apple-owned digital stores like the App Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store, and the iBook store. One of the easiest ways to get free iTunes Store credit is to complete a variety of tasks on the get-paid-to websites mentioned above.

Mistakes when looking for free Robux codes

There you have it. Some of the methods we have been using to get free Robux. But we should not let you go without sounding a note of warning about fake Robux-earning sites.

If you have ever tried to search for free Robux online, you must have come across lots of free Robux generator websites. We don’t recommend those sites, as many of these promise users boatloads of free Robux but are only set up to make you work for the owners without any reward whatsoever.

Some of these websites will feature videos displaying as gifts unlimited supply of Robux but are created to direct unsuspecting surfers to host of malicious websites and apps.

Some feature fake Robux generators that are only built to access your details and get access to your online properties and make money for the owners.

Summary of our guide

Gaming on Roblox comes with unlimited features, customizations, and upgrades that you cannot afford without finding a way to get a regular supply of Robux. Though you can get to earn a small amount of Robux from completing different tasks and attaining certain levels, what can you do with those?

That is the reason we decided to go all out and research how Roblox users, experienced or new members, can earn free Robux legitimately online. These methods will not require you to work your ass off, in any way, for so little.

We hope you have enjoyed this article. In case you have any questions or a recommendation to add, feel free to contact us through the form.