7 Legit Ways to Get Free PSN Codes (PS4 Gift Cards)

PlayStation games and their online services are starting to cost a lot of money. Therefore, we have developed this guide where we will teach you how to get free PSN codes for your PS4 device. Just like you may have read on our PS4 emulator article, there are also a few scams happening with free PlayStation gift cards codes. We will explain the easiest methods to obtain these codes and how to detect scams.

free psn codesThe PlayStation Network (PSN) is the online network of Sony Playstation. Through this network, you can play against other gamers but also buy items such as games, game add-ons, expansion packs, music, movies and more. You can also purchase PlayStation Plus which is what most people use our guide for.

PSN codes are available from as low as $10. For some people that is very cheap, but for others, it’s difficult to spend their hard-earned money on video games. Below you will find some methods that will help you get these codes for free.

Obtaining PSN-codes for free

There are several ways to get these codes for free, and it doesn’t even require any hacking. Please understand that nobody can offer these gift cards completely free, it is most likely that you will have to do something in return.

Free PlayStation Network codes (Updated frequently)

We know that not everyone has time to go and find free PSN codes, so in step one we have already done some of the work since we love our visitors. The codes that can be found in the table below are generated by our generator from step 2. Feel free to try and redeem these weekly updated codes, maybe one of them will work!


Using GuideStorms’ in-house generator

Usually, code generators are a scam and just exist to waste your time and earn money off of you. When we were writing this article we’ve done investigation on PSN code generators and none of them worked. All of them had something similar; they were locked behind a human verification and were just trying to make a quick buck.

The generator below lets you generate codes in the same pattern as the ones that can be found on the PS4 gift cards. Feel free to hit the generate button a few times until you find a working one. Keep in mind that these PSN codes are not guaranteed to work, but it’s still worth a try as they are completely free.

Obtaining free PSN codes through GPT websites

GPT websites, which is short for ‘Get Paid To’, give you rewards in return for performing a couple of short tasks. The most common tasks that will be asked are surveys, app installs or social media related tasks such as subscribing to a YouTube channel or following an Instagram account.

We have checked the legitness of many of these websites and here are the ones we’ve found the best in their industry. Keep in mind that they are all free to join and you can earn when and wherever you want, even on the bus on the way to school.


Swagbucks was the last website we’ve tested and it turned out that it was the best one to give us a free PlayStation code. It’s the biggest GPT website and has some pretty simple tasks to earn balance.

Upon joining you will receive 5$, which doesn’t happen often on these platforms. You can do the following actions to earn points towards your free code:

  1. Complete a small survey
  2. Watch some short videos
  3. Visit a couple of websites
  4. Play games (Yes, we are not joking here)

It took us about two hours of playing a fun mobile game to receive a 10$ code which is, in our opinion, very worth it.


superpay for free psn gift cards

This website is available worldwide and also makes it possible to have your balance paid out to your PayPal account. What we liked about this platform is that we’ve found the easiest way to earn a free ps4 code; clicking on ads.

You can simply click on some advertisements to build up your balance before redeeming it for a gift card. Other options are watching videos, participating in their free contests and filling out offers through an offer wall.

After a few sweaty hours of watching videos, which we barely had to do stuff for, we had received a 20$ PSN code. We’ve treated the team some free Fortnite skins with it!


This is one of the oldest GPT websites in existence, which instantly means that it’s trusted by its users. Within this platform, you can earn ‘GetPaid coins’ and turn them in for free PSN codes or any other gift card of your liking.

What we really liked about this website is that the minimum payout is only 50 cents, which means no hours of sweating is required to earn a small amount of PSN codes.

Joining giveaways to earn a ps4 code

Thankfully there are a lot of honest people on the internet. The following platforms are very popular regarding giveaways, we have even won a few free codes by participating.


One of the most popular places on the internet where giveaways happen is /r/giveaways. Participating is extremely simple in most of the giveaways since the only requirement is having a Reddit account to place a comment.

free psn code giveaway

In the image above is shown what such a giveaway looks like. They are usually hosted by Gleam, which is a software for managing entries in giveaways. You will be rewarded entries when the actions are performing, such as following the host on Twitter.


Big YouTube stars such as MrBeast are on the rise and giveaways are happening more often on that platform since it’s an easy way to grow a channel. Here is an example of the YouTuber Olonzo giving away ten PlayStation 4 gift card codes.

Usually, the giveaways on this website work as follows. The viewer is asked to subscribe, like the video and leave a comment on why he wants to win. When the channel owner goes to pick a winner they will use a random comment picker and find someone that qualifies with the criteria.

Frequent scams regarding free PSN codes

If you have been searching for these gift card codes for a while, you’ve probably stumbled upon some website that claims to have a working ‘PSN code generator’. These are all fake because nobody can generate these codes for free. Here are some common scams that they use.

Locking the PSN code generator behind a human verification

7 Legit Ways to Get Free PSN Codes (PS4 Gift Cards) 1When you google for free PSN codes, which you probably did before you came to our website, you will see many websites that claim to have a working generator. The problem with those websites is that they just exist to make money from their users without providing any value in return.

Usually, the website will first ask you which gift card you want to pick, the options are the different PSN gift card values or a year of PlayStation Plus. Once you have selected which code you prefer, the website will show something like this.

Then, after the ‘database found an unused code’, you will have to perform a short human verification that will unlock your code. While some users might already know the scam, other people won’t and they will start the human verification. For every user that falls for it, the website owner makes a couple of dollars without giving anything in return. You will never receive your free PSN code that you worked so hard for during their verification.

‘Earn points for reward’ websites not paying out

As mentioned in step three of this guide on how to get free PSN codes there are various websites where you can earn these gift cards by performing actions. Sadly, some of the people are taking advantage of this and open a similar website to have you perform those actions such as filling out surveys.

After you have reached the ‘minimum payout balance’, which is probably around $50 where you have to do a lot of surveys for, the website owner has earned hundreds of dollars from you and will simply ban you. This is pretty pathetic but you should understand that some pretty low-life people are running these scam websites on the internet.

Getting scammed through PlayStation Network

We’ve heard some stories of people getting scammed through the PlayStation Network itself so we thought; why not add this in our article? Whenever you meet someone through voice chat in your favorite game you sometimes start trusting them.

There are some people, especially younger kids, that will try to rip you off for a couple of bucks. They will tell you that they can magically generate free PSN codes but be careful; it’s a scam. You will be given their PayPal and they will promise you to send a working ps4 gift card code if you send them a couple of dollars. After you send your money they will be gone, so be careful.


Getting free PlayStation Network codes isn’t that hard after all, right? There are so many methods but keep in mind that it is never completely free, except for giveaways and our generator, of course. Most methods require you to do something small in return, such as downloading a couple of apps or answering some surveys.

The dangerous part about searching for these gift card codes is the scammers that you will face. After reading this article we are confident that you can now recognize these scams and immediately leave their websites if you find one.