5 Methods On How To Get Free IMVU Credits Fast

Before you start chatting in IMVU, you first have to choose a puppet that represents your character in the digital world. You then adjust this entirely to your taste, for example via clothes and stickers that you purchase with free IMVU credits. After that, you can go to the rooms of your mates, or visit an IMVU public space. Once you arrive there, the chat starts. While talking, sit quietly in a chair or walk around a bit. In the meantime, your text appears in a balloon above your head.

We understand that the game is more fun when you have credits that you can spend in the IMVU store. As the majority of this game are minors, most people do not have the money to purchase these credits. Therefore, we have created this guide that will explain how you can get these IMVU credits instantly and completely free.

The ultimate guide to getting free IMVU credits

free imvu credits

If you’ve been looking for these gift cards for a while now, you’ve probably stumbled upon scams that do not work. Getting free IMVU credits can be a tough task but it isn’t hard after all. We have dedicated approximately eight hours to our research and are confident that the following methods are the best ways to get free credits in IMVU.

Use our in-house generator for free IMVU credits

We’ve recently developed a generator that can create codes in the same pattern as the real IMVU gift cards. These codes are not guaranteed to work, of course. Feel free to try your luck by generating a couple of free IMVU credit codes and redeem them,  maybe they will work!

Warning: When you Google for queries such as ‘how to get free credits in IMVU’ you will come across many scams. As we’ve discussed before in our Google Play codes guide, most websites are not trustworthy and will try to make money off of you by asking you to perform a ‘human verification’. Never do this and instantly leave their website.


Next to the aforementioned GrabPoints, IMVU also has a system to earn free credits themselves as well. It is the same principle, but instead of earning points you directly receive credits in your account. Earning these points can be done in a couple of easy ways.

Watching videos

earn free imvu credits by watching videosIn our opinion, this is the easiest one out of all four. By watching videos, with a length between 30 and 60 seconds, you are guaranteed to receive more than 10 free credits per video. If you perform a simple calculation here, you can earn more than a couple hundred credits per hour.

Inviting friends

If you have a couple of friends that you would like to introduce to the game you are in luck. When inviting friends you will receive fixed gifts for your IMVU character. These include stickers, furniture and many more. The only downside here is that you cannot choose your rewards, but you still get items worth some credits in a different way.

Daily login rewards

If you are a new player, you will receive daily login rewards for the first 30 days of playing the game. Every consecutive day that you log in, the amount of free IMVU credits you receive will be more. When you miss one day the number of credits will be reset.

Completing offers

Completing offers for free IMVU credits is our second favorite way, as these tend to be very rewarding. Some offers will give you more than 1000 credits, so make sure to try these out.


One of the most reliable sources to obtain free IMVU credits is GrabPoints. This website, with over 200 positive reviews, is a Get Paid To website, where you earn points by performing various tasks to claim a reward.

grabpoints for free imvu credits

When we tested GrabPoints we started earning points. In just two hours we earned enough points to claim a gift card which was $10 worth of IMVU credits. Within their platform, you can do various things to earn points, such as;

  • Downloading apps from their advertisers
  • Answer quick and easy surveys
  • Watch your favorite TV shows and movies
  • Completing simple offers


An alternative to the website above is Reward4Task. This brand new platform offers many rewards including free IMVU credits. Upon completing offers, which include surveys, watching videos, browsing websites, installing apps and claiming your daily login bonus, you can earn points.

These points can be redeemed for an IMVU gift card with a value of 10 dollars. On average, it takes their users about 30 minutes to reach this amount, so make sure to give this option a try as well.


With over 15 million users (17,798,410 at the moment of writing), PointsPrizes is the biggest GPT-website in existence. By looking at these statistics, their trustworthiness can’t be doubted. Their website offers over 50 types of rewards, including free IMVU gift cards.

earn imvu gift cards on pointsprizes

The thing that we liked during our research is that there are many coupons available for PointsPrizes. This means that if you search these on Google and redeem them, you are already halfway towards your free IMVU credits.

Other options on their platform are earning through offer walls, which works the same as the aforementioned websites, referring your friends and a daily login bonus.

Redeem a free IMVU gift card

Now you finally have received your prize, you are probably looking to redeem the code. Redeeming your IMVU gift card has never been easier. Follow the following steps to redeem your code:

  • Go to the imvu.com/prepaidcard website
  • Log in and enter your code
  • Click on “Exchange Now !!”
  • Your code has now been redeemed. Let the fun begin!


While many scams are going around, getting free IMVU credits for your account is not hard after all. The only thing that it requires is patience and work in return. Many websites allow you to perform simple tasks to earn gift cards.

After obtaining a free code, redeeming it is just as simple. Visit the IMVU website and log in. Redeem your code and start becoming famous by spending your free credits in the shop to impress your friends.

We hope we’ve learned you the real methods of earning free IMVU credits and that you will never have to Google again for queries such as “IMVU credit hack” or “credits generator”.