About GuideStorm

authorWe are a team of tech-enthusiasts, meaning we enjoy everything that has to do with technology and other online subjects. Therefore we have created this website to share knowledge and other information with our visitors.

Our guide-categories

Our website contains many guides in different categories. These categories will most likely expend over the next couple of months, but for now, we have created content for the following categories.

How To’s

One of the subjects we cover at GuideStorm are How-To guides, which are becoming more and more popular these days. We cover anything from guides on how to view a private Instagram profile to how you can watch movies online, for free.

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Scam alert

This is our newest subject, which we have called the scam alert. Recently, we have discovered that the amount of online scams is rising. Since we don’t want our visitors to be a victim we have created a couple of guides that will warn you about these scams.

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Who doesn’t love getting stuff that you usually pay for, for free? We do, and therefore we have added this category to our platform. Once we find a way to get something for free, without getting scammed, such as free PSN codes, we will post it on our website. We will also make sure to include how you can recognize a scam so you know what to do when you find one.

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Our goal

The goal of GuideStorm is to provide quality and truthful content for our visitors. We’ve realized that many online-questions are still unanswered and we’ve found that our job is to answer them correctly.

Let’s take a good example; “Free PSN codes“. A lot of people search this term on Google on a monthly basis, but nobody still has a true answer on how to get these codes for free. Whenever you search for that query, many scam sites pop up. In our article, we talk about why you shouldn’t open these sites and give you actual ways to obtain these free codes.